Bander 300 - Replacing the saw blade

Always remove the plug from the mains connection before changing or handling the saw blade in any way!

1. Before replacing the saw blade, place the BANDER 300 on a flat mat or stand so that it cannot tip over

2. Remove the lower protective cover and the upper protective cover of the guide wheels

3. Loosen the tension on the saw blade, using the handle behind the lower wheel guard

4. Remove the used saw band

5. Attach the new saw blade in the direction of rotation of the guide wheels according to the arrow located on the upper cover of the guide wheel, first on the lower wheel (Always attach the saw blade with the teeth facing outwards, away from the saw)

6. Then place the saw blade on the upper guide wheel and use the handle behind the lower wheel cover to lightly tighten it with the handle behind the lower wheel cover

7. Rotate the guide wheel so that the saw blade, with a slight adjustment, reaches all four guide bearings with its edge 

8. Then tighten the belt adequately.

9. If the saw blade does not fit properly with its trailing edge in the guide bearings, the angle of the lower wheel must be adjusted using the knob behind the lower wheel cover.

10. After fitting the saw blade, replace and properly secure the upper and lower guide wheel guards.