Bander 300 technical specifications


Type: FMH Tools – BANDER 300

Cutting depth 305 mm

Pulley diameter 205 mm

Width of saw blade 6 – 8 mm

Guide plate 420 x 310 mm

Saw blade length 1710 mm

Saw blade thickness max. 0.65 mm

Idle speed 1410 min-1

Cutting speed at idle speed 15 m/s

Weight without power cable 20 kg

Motor - asynchronous, protection class IP40 - 1 phase, 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption in continuous operation 0,75 kW

Noise emission data BANDER 300

Sound pressure level LpfA up to 80 dB

Sound power level LWA up to 93 dB

Vibration data BANDER 300

Typical hand and arm vibration is less than 2,5 m/s2 


The BANDER 300 handheld portable band saw is exclusively designed for

cutting solid wood, wooden beams and board materials such as particleboard,

tabletops and medium hard fibreboard, for profiling the ends of beams or working on construction sites using hardened toothed saw blades. It is designed to

be operated by one person.

The dimensions of the saw blades used must be within the following range:

Saw blade length 1710 mm ± 10 mm

Saw band width 6 – 8 mm

Saw band thickness max. 0,65 mm.

Other uses than the above are not permitted.

Damage and accidents caused by improper use are the sole responsibility of

the product user.

When working with power tools, the principles and guidelines for accident prevention and the enclosed „Safety instructions“ must be observed to prevent


The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by unauthorized intervention

or when original accessories other than those supplied are used with the power


The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from such other use.

To ensure that the machine is used as intended, observe the operating, maintenance and service conditions prescribed by FMH Tools Ltd.



·         The saw blade must be adjusted so that it is within the guide bearings and

in the centre of the guide wheel peripheral lining. Under no circumstances

must the teeth of the saw blade go over the edge of the wheel lining. If this

occurs, the saw blade will deform and crack

·          The distance between the rear edge of the saw band and the bearing guide

wall should be 1 mm when the BANDER 300 is running at idle. The rear edge

of the saw blade should contact the bearing guide wall only when cutting.

Otherwise, the rear edge of the saw blade and the guide bearings overheat,

resulting in fatigue of the guide bearing material and saw blade cracks

·          If the BANDER 300 is not used for a long period of time, it is recommended

to loosen the tension on the saw blade, both to prevent uneven deformation of the guide wheel lining and because the saw blade heats up during

cutting or at high ambient temperatures and shrinks when the temperature

drops. If the saw blade is tightly tensioned during cutting, it will become

unduly tight when it cools down and may break prematurely

·         Always use a sharp saw blade to achieve a good quality and clean cut.

a) Cutting dry and hard wood: saw blade 1710 x 6 x 0,65; 6 ZpZ

b) Cutting wet and dry wood for narrow curves: saw blade 1710 x 6 x 0,65; 4 ZpZ

c) Universally for cutting dry and wet wood, curves, longitudinal and transverse cuts: 1710 x 8 x 0.65; 4 ZpZ


The manufacturer guarantees the product for a period of 24 months worldwide.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer will provide free repair of the BANDER 300 under the following conditions:

·         The claim is properly made within the warranty period

·         The product has been used in accordance with the manufacturer‘s recommendations

·         The product has not been tampered with by an unauthorized person (an authorized person is defined as the manufacturer‘s own service technician or a person

or service contracted by the manufacturer to perform warranty repairs)

·         The complete product has been submitted for repair, including a duly endorsed

warranty certificate

·         All repairs will be carried out within the scope of the currently applicable rules for

the provision of warranty service which, to our knowledge, are required in respect

of defects in materials, workmanship and installation 

Damage caused by normal wear and tear, overloading of the machine and unprofessional handling and worn saw blades are not covered by the warranty.

The Bander 300 must be sent postage paid to the manufacturer FMH Tools Ltd or to

a contractor or repairer authorised to carry out warranty repairs. 

The warranty period will be extended by the time the product has been under warranty repair.